Giant Tron Hunter Ride - Ended Early - Not Recorded

I was doing the Group Ride: Giant Camden Tron Hunters – get closer to the Tron (C) on Royal Pump Room 8 on Sunday, December 17, 2023 at 8am EST. With 8km to go the ride ended. Felt abrupt. Not sure why. Was recorded in Strava but not in ZwiftPower. Was this the way the event was set up or was there a bug? Not sure if I got the credit for the Everest Challenge for the Tron bike.

If you see the activity recorded in the Companion app or on your feed, you should get the credit for any elevation gained. Finishing an event is not required, but successfully saving the event is.

What happened when it ended? Were you still on the road but not in the event?

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THANK YOU PAUL. Yes I do see the ride in my zwift dot com feed so that helps a ton. Thank you! Yes when it booted me I was still on the road but not in the event.