Ghost Zwifting Notification

2 days ago my partner got a notification that I was Zwifting. Odd as we were both at work. In the evening we logged on to continue our Gran Fondo training plan but my plan had gone. I thought maybe I’d been hacked and so I changed my password. Yesterday she got another notification that I was Zwifting, I logged into Companion and sure enough it said I was. Didn’t get time to investigate as I was at work but later no fit files showed up.
Any one else have this or any idea how to stop it. Don’t want to have to worry about restarting the training plan, there’s only so many welcome sessions I can take :joy:

Change your password?

Did that after initial occurrence. It’s saved in my head too so no chance of being compromised.

Make sure you have closed/force-quit the app after you finish Zwifting.


Thanks Lin, I always do this,
my workout is sent over to Strava and then close the PC down. Since the password change there have been no new occurrences and so maybe my account had been compromised.