Ghost Rider

(Matthew Simpkins) #1

When can we hope to be able to select a Ghost rider to follow pace ourselves?


such as

  1. Ghost rider based on your previous best record (1 lap, 10 laps etc)

  2. Ghost rider based on a specific lap time (to improve pacing)

  3. Ghost rider for fastest segments?

(Mark Long) #2

Good idea, I would like to see ghost riders based on Power eg follow a ghost @ 340 watts for a lap.

(Matthew Simpkins) #3

Why stop at 340? why not 500?!

(Ride ide Safely) #4

Client side ghost riders are a good idea but not server side.

I dont want to see everyone racing against their PR ghost all the time, although I wouldn’t mind seeing my own ghost just not everyone else’s.

This saves server ressources and bandwidth as only your own machine would compute the AI.

(V Hugo Club WBR) #5

I just want recognisable ghosts with a set average power pace. Maybe different colours (blue for 200 W, orange 250 W, …, black 450 W etc)


(John Murphy) #6

Personal ghost riders would be fantastic.

(Joe Byrne) #7

Personal bots would be perfect!  I would want it to be my exact weight and be able to set it to a W/kg that I want to hold (perfect for FTP tests).  Since it is the same weight, the bot should react to hills the same way my avatar does.

(Jason Savage) #8

Ghost riders based on best efforts would be great, would also like a pacing ghost, set an average speed ghost to ride with.

Great opportunity to create coaching ghosts too for targeted training plans to improve you as a rider over time.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #9

Definitely on board for personal, client-side ghosts.

Like when playing a driving videogame, when I cross the line, my previous fastest lap would also start riding.

As an alternative implementation to “full lap” ghosts, I’d like the option to have ghosts just on specific sections. i.e. my 30 day PR ghost for each of the Richmond sprints and climbs.

Also the option to set specific ghosts at fixed powers.

One option I don’t think anyone has mentioned is something that RowPro does; you can download a ride by someone else and compete against that. Again, client side would be fine for that.

It could also be interesting to have a “Voight bot” riding or something - that would be a capture of a lap ridden by Jens, but replayed as a bot for all to see. 

Might be fun to see if there’s any GPS/power data from the actual WC races to replay as a bot and give people the chance to see how long they might have stuck with the pro peloton before being blown out of the back door… :wink:

(Mark Hewitt) #10

+1 on this. Especially when the course is relatively quiet being able to race yourself would be a fantastic feature. There’s no opponent tougher nor more evenly matched to yourself than yourself!


You can have all sorts of variations but the simple implementation would just be that as soon as you cross the finish line an AI bot sets out to mirror the lap that you’ve just done.

(Yukio Bergholdt [V]) #11


I’d love to race my own personal best ghost

(Mark Ley RaceWBR) #12

+1 for more control over the ghost riders, would be great to be able to ‘claim’ a ghost riders to pair up and be able to use them for drafting at the pace I’m trying to hold and have them work with me based on elbow flicks etc.

(K Smith) #13

Has any progress or even confirmation from the ZWIFT team been made to this great idea?    

I’m new to Zwift so am just trying to catch up… but I love the idea of having a Ghost rider to pace me…

(🏊🏽🚴🏼🏃🏻JJS de Graaf {Swim BIKE Run}) #14

This is such a basic idea. I do not get why they did not implement this.

For several reasons.

  1. it works on mario kart as well :slight_smile:

  2. most people ride for their own enjoyment and fitness. It is nice to see others but we all know that for every device the power settigns are different. So actually comparing 1 to 1 others with you is difficult.

Except when you have your own ghost. this means you can compare your ride with your personal best.

  1. It will be a game changer in personal training and will geet more people to use Zwift.


(Eric Pearson) #15

Prior to Zwift, I used the Tacx software where the “ghost” rider is readily available. Every ride I would compete against a previous version of myself and this helped to push me just a little bit harder. I switched to Zwift this year and I’ve found the lack of this feature very disappointing and potentially a deal breaker. My rides average fewer watts than before and when I do a 20 minute TT I’m significantly slower than I was a year ago. The only reason I’m still using Zwift at this point is that I haven’t figured out how to connect my new wahoo kickr to the Tacx software.

So someone PLEASE implement this feature.

(M C) #16

Am waiting for personalized ghosts too.


That said, I’ve made a ConnectIQ app that allows me to race against my past peak power to bridge the gap until Zwift implements this. It’s free on Garmin’s App Store (pls search for “Live Peak Power”), so Edge 520/820/1000 might give it a try. (Hope ppl won’t consider this an advertisement and kill me … it’s free and I’m not earning anything from it…)

(R Nanca (D)) #17

I would like to know if this is being heard by Zwift. I think it’s a wonderful idea, especially if Zwift wants people to take the app seriously as a training tool.

(Kevin Pease) #18

I would also like to see the ghost from a previous ride to train against.

(Steve Holmes VC Norwich) #19

C’Mon Zwift - Are you listening ? - Lets get this done.

(Andrea Servi) #20

Zwift why are you not implementing a ghost rider function for us? This is basic programming right?