Ghost Rider with custom watt/kg

(Keith Lee CorkTC) #1

Would love the option of a Ghost Rider where you can set the watt/kg. Also that you can’t draft off them. Be very useful for training or pushing that bit harder on FTP tests

(. TriFloyd (C) 2290) #2
  1. +1 on this.  Currently, because the bots ride too slow (and some too fast), it’s very hard to use them as a pacer.  Thus, their main function is to populate the course.  It would be better if they served a workout purpose, too.

  2. Bots have terrible bike etiquette.  The Richmond course has lots of sewer covers.  Can a bot identify/call them out?!  I nearly killed myself riding over one while drafting a bot.  

Ride On!

(Roberta Abbott) #3

I agree.  Another idea would be to have a ghost putting out the suggested power during intervals of workout mode.  That way you could just follow you ghost instead of/in conjunction with watching the power numbers.  The Ghost could be like Zwift’s version of TR’s “dot”.