Ghost rider idea - past cycling heroes

(D. Owen [KRT] #W4R) #1

Hi Guys,


sonething tgat gat occured to me when on the reverse lap today. Ghost riders. How about them being named after (wearing their name) of cycling heroes who have passed to the other side? E.g. Tom Simpson and this list


ride on,



(D. Owen [KRT] #W4R) #2

Huge apologies over my syntax. Red wine and no reading glasses. Huge apologies. Hopefully it makes sense? It would be inspiring to see famous old cyclists as ghost riders. 



(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

While getting the rights to riders would most likely be a nightmare (no pun intended), I think seeing “inspired by” riders would be kinda cool to honor them.

(Mark Burrows) #4

not sure I want to be descending next to Wouter Waylandt or Fabio Casartelli to be honest…