Getting Spiral of Death in normal map courses

Hi All,

Im pretty new to this, and i tried to search the web for similar problems i have. There are tons of riders with same experience as me. So i hope there is some fix incomming. Else i pretty much need to change my brand new hometrainer.

So lets start off… Im riding an Elite Suito-T - All firmwares i supdated, all is calibrated. I spent tons of hours testing with apple tv, ipad, iphone, and normal windows laptop… im getting the same issue on all platforms.

The problem is that the Elite Suito-T resistance is beyond anything i else experienced. Even if i just go 0% to start a small climb at 2-3% it makes so much resistance that i seriously allmost is hitting a wall. Its making way to much resistance. i did the FTP test, i get a FTP 186 so all is adjusted, and Zwift is set to controllable. I played around much with the Trainer Difficulty, but it still seams to kick in at diffrent points. Its like ERG is allways enable whereever im riding. Is there anyway to check that? or only in workout mode?

What happends is if i cannot hold my cadance, its increasing my resistance - just like ERG would do… but this is in open world normal ride diffrent courses. It should not be able here? Elites own software there is no where i can enable or disable ERG. In wahoo i know you can. So my quess is that Zwift cant disable ERG in freeride on Elite Suitos?

If i go downhill lets say -5% and reach a short climb at 8% there ofc. should be a diffrence. However in the real world i will come with speed and the 8% will not feel speciel heavy until my speed is adjusted properly and the climb really starts. In Zwift with my Elite Suito-T, the resistance starts asap. it says 8% on the graphic so i can come with like 100 rpm in cadance, and in 3 seconds i have 0rpm because it will go into spiral of death - reason? - i cant hold my cadance when it just got from downhill and up… There is nothing realistic with it… Some digital thing is happening there not should… i litterly can stand up in the pedals in lowest gear and it will be impossible for me to pedal. i need to stop completely let the trainer come down to 0 rpm wait 2-3 seconds, and then i can start pedal again, because it will realease the resistance and start to adjust after a new rpm - cadance… just like ERG.

Please - some one help me - is this really how it should feel like?

Allso when tried on all platforms, and speciel today with the big loop climb - i removed all other devices. removed all paired elements, deleted all software to the trainer on everything. so it was only my windows laptop connected to the trainer with bluetooth.

Have you tried riding using Elite’s myEtraining app? Does the resistance feel normal there (you can adjust it manually)?

Maybe you accidentally entered a way too high weight in your profile?

Hi all, i today changed to a Wahoo Kickr, and the diffrence is to feel asap! There is just something about Elite that does now combine well with Zwift, and i believe its because they uses diffrent technolgies.

Elite clamps asap. when hitting +% on hills with Wahoo its way more realistic feeling, with clamps slowly adjusting, i believe its the flyewheel or hub on the side on the Kickr. it spins with my rpm even when i stop spinning in the pedals. On the Elite its just like it stops way faster on the free wheel.

I think you’re way over-generalising there. My Elite Direto XR-T works very well with Zwift. It sounds like something is/was very wrong with your Suito setup, perhaps a trainer fault.

You could search for any model of trainer in posts here on this forum and find someone saying it’s not working properly with Zwift. That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a fundamental problem with that model/make of trainer.

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