Getting Re-Started in Zwift

I used Zwift on-and-off last winter and got to level 9. At times I enjoyed it, but after using it for a couple of months straight (in the winter), 4 days a week, I got bored and switched to another software that I used in ERG mode, on my iPhone, while watching the entire Game of Thrones series (which I thoroughly enjoyed). I’m trying to decide ‘where I want to play’ this winter and looking for user tips on how to be more engaged in Zwift. I figure I’ll dive into the deep end and see if it grips me, and if not, I’ll be back to watching movies/shows on Netflix and YouTube while following an ERG based workout that I don’t have to think about. Really, one is potentially very engaging, and the other is all about focus on a movie/show. In the end I may do both through the winter, alternating based on my mood.

I think I’m familiar with most of the Zwift features, but maybe I’ve missed a few things since last year. I listen to the Zwift podcast now and then so I’m still in touch that way (i.e., New York course, Zwift Academy, etc.).

A few points about my personal preference for riding and indoor riding (to help focus the feedback):

  • I don’t care about training to get faster, so workouts don’t interest me. Also, the idea of doing a workout in Zwift and not ‘playing’ the game in sim mode doesn’t fit my style. If I’m on Zwift I want to feel the hills! Even when I did workouts on another software, it wasn’t about getting faster, for me it’s about continuing to get exercise, the fact that I adore cycling and that even indoors is somewhat enjoyable (love that emotional high I get from a ride, and that when spring rolls around I don’t want to start from zero)
  • When riding outside I ride alone 80% of the time, and with one other person the other times. I’m not a fan of group rides. I’ve done some ‘events’ outside (mainly gravel rides), which for me are not races as I don’t care about results…it’s the mere act of cycling that I enjoy. That said, I figure to enjoy Zwift more than I have in the past I should do more group rides and races…simply to keep motivated and pass the time (have an objective). When I would pick a course and ‘just ride’, it got boring after a while. I did a handful of events/races in the past, and it was okay, but maybe I have to approach it differently
  • I’m really not familiar with all of the badges or other ‘goals’ that can be earned in Zwift, so this is one area I’m going to read up on
  • lastly, I use an Elite Direto, App TV4K and a 32" Tv in a pretty sweet pain cave (built my own ‘desk’)


Hi Jason. I’m fairly new to Zwift but I moved over from the Sufferfest for winter training. I found that following videos wasn’t really rewarding because if I tried extra hard it made no difference. If I slacked, it made no difference. IRL I generally ride alone and do the same in Zwift. Sometimes I’ll catch up with someone and see how long I can draft them. Sometimes folk latch on to my wheel and I try to drop them. Sometimes (usually) I just ride around wherever Zwift lets me ride - currently a crowded NYC. I’ve never looked into Discourse or the chat thing as I don’t tend to chat much with people I see when riding alone in real life, other than to say Hi. The only real difference between Zwift and cycling outside for me is that I never listen to music when cycling but always do in the pain cave.

Doesn’t really answer your question, but just my two penneth, two cents, deux euro, to kroner, whatever