Getting pushed out of RoboPacer pack in Makuri

I did a Coco RoboPacer ride on the Makuri Island Hopper route yesterday. I was mostly in front of or close to the Pacer. Every few minutes I would get moved out of the pack and to the middle of the road separated from the group. I would lose draft and have to ride hard to keep up. In most cases I would get moved left and back into the group after 1 minute or so. This happened several times. Then I got moved out to the middle again and I never got moved back. The group eventually just rode away from me and i was still in the middle of the road. Looking to solve this issue.

did you by chance have steering turned on and/or try steering back into the middle of the pack?

As far as I know I didn’t have steering turned on. I also tried to steer back into the pack but that didn’t work. When i did get moved back into the pack I wasn’t trying to steer.

It look like your steering device was active and paired.


OK, got it, thanks! I will start another ride and see if I can fix it.