Getting Lou started

I am brand new. Got my pod have zwift companion and have a running plan but I can’t seem to find out to go running. Is there an easy to understand link the FAQs are no help.

Hi @Louise_Parish

Welcome to the Zwift forum,

Pleas check out this video to get started, let us know if you need more info.

Here are many avid Zwifters that can help answer all your questions.

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Welcome to the forums @Louise_Parish

Our Support Hub has a great guide to walk you through the basics, and of course, our community here is glad to point you in the right direction! Just ask, ok?

EDIT: pro tip: when attaching your run pod to your shoe - it helps to secure it to the laces as close to the front of the shoe as possible. You want a stable attachment so the pod isn’t bouncing around excessively.

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