Getting kicked out of Zwift

Whenever I try to select any course in France, I get kicked out of Zwift, however I can select any of the Paris courses ??? Any answers

Also, whenever I select any event, I enter against the correct grouping, I am at the starting line, then get kicked out of Swift either at the starting time or 30 seconds after… ??? Any answers


Hi @RJ_Copperwaite

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What system do you use for zwift, it sounds like you are at or below system requirements

Hi Gerrie, your assumption was correct. I was below system requirements which I have now fixed.

Cheers Ron

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That’s good news @RJ_Copperwaite

Happy Zwifting!

My husband and I can cycle any where but anytime we choose France we get kicked out. What are the system requirements for France

I had this problem when I was trying to change my config files to get better graphics (I have a GTX 1650 and Zwift needed about 1 year to set it to Ultra). When I changed the ultra file to original, the problems were gone.
Zwift on Win 10 PC.

We can both ride it separately but not together and yet we can ride everywhere else together