Getting dropped on descents peddling while group supertucks

I just tried super tucking with Pace Partner Brevit group on descent from Titans Grove KOM I pushed over the top on to the descent and stopped peddling once I was at super tuck speed. I was front to mid pack of probably around 20 riders as the descent passed half way I gradually started to fall back by the bottom I was over 2 seconds back. I was on Scott Addict RC frame with DT Swiss Disc wheelset it seems clear to me that super tucking is not possible for myself if descent had been longer eg coming down from the Alpe I would be several hairpin’s back.

I am not sure you understand the physics. Race supertuck is different to group ride/free ride, so ignore the bowie ride. Supertuck becomes more and more valuable the faster the speed as well in racing.

Light riders need to learn and practise how to descend in zwift rather than throw their hands in the air. The mechanics of supertuck means that pedalling at 4-5wkg as a light rider is actually slowing you down. Don’t pedal unless you put a hard effort in for 5 seconds or so to get your speed back up. Also trust the eb and flow of the supertuck in the group, it’s normal to flow towards the back of the pack, this is the worst time to then start to panic and pedal.

“One simple trick” when in a pack and supertucking is to try snd avoid hitting the front, this can spit light riders out the back as they lose momentum and the pack glides on past. If you sense you are moving towards the front, just a few pedal rotations will sit you up for a second and then get back into supertuck and stay mid pack.

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