Getting drop while pushing harder?

Is that normal, i can get drop from a group when i push 1 more w/kg than others on flat and downhill ? because of that, i’ not having much fun in races. i’m 88 kg and 2 meters tall, kind of weird i get drop when push over 4 w/kg while other riders barely ride at 3 w/kg. It might be understandable i get drop on uphill, but surprisingly i don’t have this issuer on huphills.

Hi @Robin_Buissart

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On a flat road weight have very little effect, so w/kg does not mean a lot. Frontal aria (cda) play a big role, so at 2m tall you will have a big cda so you have to produce more power than short rider.

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Hi Robin,
rather than looking at your fellow Zwifters w/kg (on the right along side their name) which really only gives you an vague indication of their actual wattage, you will get a real wattage they are doing by clicking on the name of those in your group to see what they are actually putting out.
A heaver Zwifter putting out the same w/kg as you will actually putting out 50, 60 or more watts, so will be quicker (all other things being equal or not, see Gerrie’s comments).
I hope that may help.


If zwift calculates it, it is overestimating it so much :sob: