Getting BIGG watts

I am trying to hit the 1200 watts achievement. So far the most I have put out is about 930w.

Aside from training more and getting stronger. Are there any other ways of increasing watt output?

Do like the pro’s, DOPING :grin:


Get yourself a Cycleops Hammer; 200 free watts right there!


Electric bike on a Cycleops Hammer = 450W free


try getting your speed up into a steep hill and then pushing as hard as you can up the hill. for example, ride fast toward the start of the alpe to get your speed/cadence up, then push as hard as you possibly can when it starts getting steep. the gradient change should help you get your watts up, and the already higher cadence will mitigate some of the drag as you hit the hill.

you could try it using a custom workout, too – set an interval that suddenly jumps up to 1200 watts, and use that instead of the gradient change i described above to jack your watts up.


so the only way to get there are more training and getting stronger… yet you are asking how to cheat? wtf is wrong with you?

Now now Danny! - don’t go putting words in my mouth.

I was only asking for tips.

For example -

Is it easier to hit max watts on an incline or a decline?
Are you best to use your highest gear or drop it down one or two and spin the legs a bit faster?
Should you build up progressively before giving it the beans - or just start from a standstill?

Does any of this stuff make a difference?

Feel free to hop down off that high horse and let me know :slight_smile:


Thanks Dan_dube… I will give this a go

As far as the gearing goes, you’re really just going to have to experiment. There’s going to be an ideal cadence at which you can generate maximum power. For me, with my current fitness level, that’s somewhere between 105 and 110. The highest gear that I can use to hit that cadence on a flat is 2 or 3 gears shy of my highest gear.

I hadn’t put any thought into my sprints until recently. For all of my previous sprint efforts, I’d start ramping up my cadence and then quickly shift into my highest gear… and end up frustrated that I could barely get above 700w. It wasn’t until this past week that I decided to stop shifting a few gears shy of my highest… and I hit 917w. If I’d been paying attention during my earlier sprints, I would have noticed my power dropping off as I shifted into the highest gears; they’re just too much for my current leg strength and bog me down.

I’d start experimenting on your cadence and gearing on flats before messing around with sprints on inclines/declines.

Awesome Scott. Thanks for the help.

I have been doing the same as you. Ramp up the cadence and then jumping to my highest gear.

I will try out your tips tonight and let you know how I get on.

what trainer are you using now? then ill get back on my high horse and tell you you already are getting free watts.

Danny, I’m currently using a Tacx Vortex.

Can you explain the situation with these free watts as i have no idea what you are talking about.

This is not very help full.

The op has an honest question. I am also intrigued on how people generate 1000w on a flat road. I am spinning out at 130rpm using a 56 -11 rear ratio. I measure my power with a Powertap G3 hub.


The tacx vortex can brake max 950watts from what i have read,i dont know if that means that you cant produce more on that trainer? are you using any type of power meter?

I am just using the power meter built into the tacx - That may explain why I have bee unable to hit the 1000 mark.

… nothing to do with my chicken legs lol :smile:

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And I would assume that on a flat road the trainer will not be at 100% braking force, that will be reserved for the hills. That 950w will be at a defined wheel speed. It is usually defined as 950w @ 50km/h wheel speed. But not all trainer manufacturers are that nice to give the complete spec.


the tacx vortex overstates. ie you may only be doing 850 in reality when it reads 930. probably less, cause the gap grows the higher the numbers.
if you do decide to upgrade; get a top smart trainer; ie: tacx neo, kickr, the direto (drivo)
you could alternatively try just change power source. get some assioma pedals, <- single sided is fine.

@gerrie, to hit high watts its about pressing the pedals harder, not spinning out. its all strength. the stronger you can press down on the pedals, the higher the watts will be.
I have hit 1000 myself, but my usual during race is peak 900-940, and falls over distance - just get stronger. there is a sweet spot to sprinting, but it changes depending on how fast you’re pedalling and what gear you’re in. its also different from 1 person to another. personally, i like to be at or above 90rpm before sprinting, and then drop it another 2 cogs and rip it as fast as I can, normally i hit around 115-120 rpm for the peak, before i have to knock back a gear to hold - it depends also on how far out you go - the further out, the less you will hold.
if you’re pedalling a 56x11 @130 rpm - im kinda calling your whole setup broken - or that claim is bull##.

Why the aggressive approach in your posts? calm down please,ride on🤘


You are more than welcome to look at my recent strava data, I am also happy to send you a photo of my chainring.

I think different trainers simulate flat road differently. And according to Newton’s 3rd law you can only generate as much force as the trainer is resisting with.

OK gerrie. i forgot you’re an old bloke PRO who can pedal a 56x11 @ 130 rpm … who’d doubt that! and didnt you say you cant even get 1000W… ??? but keep on dreaming… according to, you are doing approx 83kph. you must sign a pro contract for fastest speed at lowest watts ever ~ you’re a freak of nature