Get Rolling scoring system


Apologies if this is a FAQ and I should know.
I am looking at the Get Rolling 2022 classification and would like to understand how points and % scores are assigned.

I understand that the scoring is by percentage but I don’t understand what it means. I also see that point are inversely related (less points at the top) but not sure how this works either.

Can you guys tell me --or link me to a place where it is explained-- how this works?
Also, is there a way/place to see the score I got for each race of the series?



GC should be here:

Link courtesy of Eric:

Here is a comment from Eric from Zwift Insider which explains the ranking from four days ago:

There are no points for the overall monthly GC – it’s time-based. (Yes, I know it shows a crazy points number if you expand your results in the GC table – not sure what that’s about. But it really is just time-based.) The percentage score seems to be a percentile rank, but only applies if you’ve done all the races. (For example, right now I see it only showing for people who’ve done 3 races, but not for people who’ve done 1 or 2.)

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Points appear to be based on thousandths of seconds. For example, my last race was 27min 40secs. 27x60+40=1660 seconds. x1000 for thousandths of seconds = 1660000. The points for this race were 1660078.

The percentage appears to be [1st place’s time] / [your time]. For example, 1st place in B cat is currently 1:52:42 (6762 seconds) and my time is 1:56:50 (7010). 6762/7010 = 0.9646 which written as a percentage is 96.46%.