Get rid of downvoting

I assume this is supposed to be a friendly forum? Well the ability to downvote posts and comments is toxic. As soon as anyone has an even remotely controversial or perhaps interesting idea it gets downvoted. Which has to be very demotivating for the person who has posted. 

My suggestion - get rid of the ability to downvote, but keep the upvote ability so it acts more like a facebook ‘like’.

Yep, I reflect Mark’s comment. Downvoting can be read by some as STFU.

All questions and inquiries are relevant and can be useful.

There are no bad questions.

Ride On!

And, as if to qualify my earlier comment, the Downvoters spring into action - C’mon people, anyone can hit a link - but can you offer something that furthers the Zwift community and allows Zwift in general, to grow.

I don’t think anyone has been downvoted more that me over the last 2 years and I think it should stay. I actually think it is useful for voting down some feature request and also voting down some bad advice that has been given.

 Lets see how many down votes I get for that.

Zwift won’t know what people most want.

Mark has a good point but I can see that the down vote has a Purpose. 



Edit: the more I think about it the more I agree with Mark. 

The removal of downvotes however will mean it becomes hard to distinguish what is truly sought after by the community. As it stands right now, an idea with a negative vote stance is apparent to not fall in favor with a community’s majority.

On the other hand, with the downvote option being removed, all ideas are liked to a certain extent. And it becomes unclear whether the difference between an idea that gathered 10 likes versus one that gathered 20 likes is due to the difference of downvotes thrown out of the equation or merely just gathered less attention in another timeframe on the forums. If activity on the forums would have been comparable, but 10 others opposed to the idea who could now not express their vote, does that idea really deserve to possibly be regarded as half as liked as the 20 like idea? Rather than it simply having a 0 state?

Ultimately, there’s bound to be a few people on here who would to see us Zwifters cycle around as Zombie clowns with the added option for having a waterballoon cannon to shoot my little pony characters from the sides of the road to gain an extra experience boost. Gather enough time, such a topic might gather quite a few likes. The thousands of potential dislikes however are not taken into account.

Up votes and down votes should be recorded separately instead of the net sum.


Downvotes are part of the platform. I’d rather get rid of them all together and let # of posts indicate what’s popular.

But, then again, I’d also like us to use some REAL forum software :slight_smile:


I have a lot of suggestions on how a forum should look, maybe I will email a couple of the Zwift contacts I have on what they are. They make them fun, informative and shows who is the most active and knowledgeable on the forums.

Down voting allows trolls to rule. In fact, I bet trolls could elect a Pres…  I better shut up.   :slight_smile:

Down voting should be limited to feature requests.