Get blown away


I can not keep up when I particate a D-ride. Right after the start I get blown away.
Also when I just go for a fun ride 99% of the cyclists go faster.
In real life I ride twice a week with my cycling club and have no trouble keeping up the rest. What is happening here in the zwift game? Am i doing something wrong?

I have wahoo kickr core, ride a normal bike, have done a spinning down. My avarage score during a ride in zwift is about 1.0. A friend of my with whom i ride with in reallife has a much higher score in zwift.

Has someone suggestions?


What bike are you using on Zwift? If it’s the TT bike then it won’t draft so you’ll be left for dead in group rides and races because you don’t get the benefit of the mass group draft.

I assume by score, you mean watt/kg. That is what Zwift used for speed. 1.0 seems pretty low/slow for a regular cyclist. I would assume when you are up and riding tempo you should be between 2.0 and 3.0. Check your watts on screen and double check your weight in kilograms.

I am using the Specialized Allez now. I can feel the draft now riding behind someone. But in a groep start i kick almost 285 watt and burned up after 1 minute. And left behind…


In real life i can follow my cycling groep and ride about 100 km with average of 31/32 km/h but in Zwift i can follow nobody -:frowning:

Hai guys

I think i solved mmy problem. I alterd my settings. I had filled in my length in stead of my weight

LOL - you’ll be riding off the front now!!