Geraint Thomas and Eric Min ride

Can’t save this ride…screen is frozen

It wasn’t the best experience bobbing around in a massive mob. I think Zwift need to think about how to make these better in future. As an aside, has anyone managed to get an Ineos jersey yet? I believe it was included in a recent update. Maybe it will be earmarked for a future event?

I think you can only get the Ineos kit if you are a verified rider on the Ineos World Tour team.

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Yeah that wasn’t great. Couldn’t see any messages in the companion app and got credited with fuego and kom jerseys even though I was nowhere near that. Either some odd connection issues or the joys of 2500 on the same patch of road.

Saw the marker for G near the start then he pottered along out the back and that was that. Wonder if he enjoyed it :man_shrugging: :joy:

Thanks for replying. Shame if that’s the case. It wasn’t that long ago you could earn a Trek Segafredo kit. Albeit it was a training kit.

I think it depended on your ability. I joined and was once fast enough to ride past him but after that, he was always in front. My guess is he wanted to set a pace that we could all stand a chance to achieve.

I got ‘kicked out’ after about 1 minute. I joined at 7:15ish and was in the warm up, but once the race started my ipad went back to the Zwift home screen and I was unable to rejoin the ride. Shame, as I’d legged it home from work early to take part!

Have to say, apple TV worked flawlessly. Was far too many riders in the event but everything form the game perspective ran beautifully smooth.

I’m a huge fan of zwift - but this kind of event needs a rethink - graphically it does not work with so many riders and your avatar bobbing around the bunch - the messaging was a joke 2500plus riders messaging meant it was impossible to read or really respond !! So bad - that 5 mins was enough for me to see it did not really work and quit the ride !

I get your point @Gary_Noble_C, the companion app on Android for me reset so many times, but at least I didn’t get dumped out like some here.

Just too many riders I guess. Like you, I don’t see me bothering with another mass event.

Did everyone get the file uploaded to 3rd party apps? I am completely missing it from the companion app and also it never saved a .fit file either… was it blocked so there was no bragging rights over a pro rider?