Genius Smart motor stops working on the decent from the mountain?

Soon after I start to descend the motor brake stops working on my Tacx Genius Smart.  The power output reading is still being transmitted to Zwift but I lose the freewheel effect and resitance doesn’t change on hills… 

This has happened several times in the past and I’ve been able to solve the issue by going to the menu screen and unpairing and then re-pairing the trainer.

Yesterday I had the same problem.  However, I had to switch the trainer off for 5-10 mins before it would pair again with Zwift.

Has anyone else experienced similar or is this likely to be a hardware issue?  I haven’t been able to recreate this problem in the Tacx training app and the tacx troubleshooting feature hasn’t seen any issues with the trainer.

I’m using an iPad Air 2 along with the Tacx trainer, Wahoo Cadence Sensor and Heart Rate Monitor.  All connected via bluetooth.


I was doing a Century a few days ago and I coasted downhill to rest the butt and stretch. I don’t normally coast that much and I did note that my KickR seemed to lock up (almost). I figured I coasted so long that freewheel stopped or some other condition triggered what you mentioned. I was able to get rolling again without stopping, but I had to carefully wait for drivetrain to sync and allow downshifts.

I ride sim mode only, my gradient slider is set to a nominal 7/8. This gives me my most realistic simulation of riding my bike.


Good luck with your issue.