General Paved Road Steering Questions

I’m still getting used to the Sterzo Smart Steering and have a few observations and questions.

  1. It looks like the roads are made up of a finite number of parallel “lanes” of a certain width. Are all the paved roads in all the worlds made up of the same number of “lanes” of the same lane width?
  2. My Sterzo seems to have a bias to the left side of the road when cornering. That is, I am well over the center line when cornering left, and just to the left of the runners lane when cornering right. Visually it looks like my wheel is setup at the start in the center of the Sterzo with equal sectors on both sides. Is what I am seeing still the result of a slight off center giving unequal sectors on the Sterzo? I also notice some riders seem to have a greater road width available to them, swinging far to the left or right of the roads on the curves. Thanks for any feedback you may have!
  1. I believe the answer to my first question is yes based on my own experience.
  2. gplama provided the answer to my second question by saying in another forum, “In the absence of any software calibration it’s possible to ‘zero’ the Sterzo Smart by taking off the bottom plate and using the right socket tool on the main pivot bolt. Beware, it’s very sensitive. You can use the pairing screen to get the calibration to 0.”