General Beta Feedback

(Anders Swanson) #1

Just a few observations! Great product, looking forward to future versions!

Lower rolling resistance on downhills. Create a little more incentive for holding a wheel on the climb, allowing slower riders to rest/soft pedal on the descent.

Try to reduce “rubber banding” over the top of hills. I’ve found it is very difficult to hold a wheel consistently going over the tops of hills.

Connected to suggest #1, make the “draft window” much larger at high speeds. The “OK” zone should increase to reduce the chance of over-accelerating and whizzing past someone after closing down a gap. Right now there is incentive to “attack” on a descent, which (besides super technical stuff) is kind of the opposite of real life.

Improved passing logic. Something along the lines of always pass left or right. Some of the larger groups I’ve been in have been very disrupted when we encounter stopped or slower riders.