Gender Split for points races does not work

Maybe anyone could help me: Gender split for points races does only work for men, but not for women:

Do you have Category ‘‘Split’’ in PRIMES? If you have ‘‘Combined’’ it will not work.

If you check unfiltered results you can see that all the riders are Cat D and i think that is also a problem.
I haven’t used Primes from a Single Zwift Category and Split into multiple Cats before so i’m just guessing…hope someone who has done this will give you more feedback.

Thanks Dejan. It was set to combined, but with split it also doesn’t work.

Maybe @James_Zwift can have a look…it’s a problem of sorting by Primes not by Time

@K_E_V_I_N1 surprised you didn’t just tag me on Zwift Racers like normal :joy:

The event is set up as a points race, therefore it sorts the results by primes.

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@James_Zwift think a public discussion for a Zwiftpower setting is not in the interest of most. :slight_smile:

Sort by primes works for men, but not for the ladies.

How are you filtering to make it gender based?