Gears are making weird sounds

My gears are making weird sounds… we just cleaned all the gears on the bike and the trainer… I have an 11 geared bike…Any thoughts?



Without more information it’s hard to say for sure. Here are some thoughts, though:

Does the trainer (or wheel) only have 10 cassette sprockets?

Is the bike on the trainer straight? (Or is the wheel in straight, if a wheel-on trainer?)

Is the derailleur, or hanger, bent?

Is the derailleur properly aligned with the sprockets?

Did you lube the chain after cleaning?

1: yes it is 11 geared
2: yeah I always make sure…
4: Yes I check it then I get my dad to check it the second time.
5: yes we always do. My mom did it this time.

Thanks for the thoughts @Nigel_Tufnel

Might be a simple index adjustment needed

Google GcN indexing for a good explanation

Okay thanks @Twoshihtzu I’ll do that.

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