Gearing problem -

Hi! I use Elite Suito trainer, it is my second winter with it, last year I used it with my gravel bike, this year I want to use MTB. My problem is the gear range, I will give you some details first:

  • gravel setup: 39/26 crankset, 11-42 cassette (570%)
  • MTB setup: 32 crankset, 11-51 cassette (460%)

When I used gravel bike I used almost whole gear range and very rarely run out of high gears, now when I ride with MTB I use 3, maybe 4 hardest gears and on flats and descents I run out of gears while riding 30 kph. Is there a way to configure Zwift to “think” that I use 40T front ring instead of 32T?

Zwift has no solution for this problem with that trainer, but you can probably use the QZ app to get virtual gearing on a phone or tablet. You pair the trainer to QZ and you pair QZ to Zwift. It sits in between and does some magic to let you increase the resistance.

@Roberto_Viola is the developer and he will assist you with any issues.

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Hi! QZ developer here! Let me know if you need help setting the app!

Thank you!

Hi! What do I need to do to adjust gearing? I tried to adjust resistance but it does not change, it is zero all the time, I tried to enable and disable Auto Resistance, that does not change anything.

“Thank you”, I bought your app, could not get my goal and got no answer from you…

I didn’t receive the notification from the forum! So sorry! send me an email to roberto.viola83 at