Gear too low for speed

I have a brand new Kickr V6. When riding, my bike is in a gear too low for the speed and cadence I am riding. For example: I might be riding 30 mph on a -5 grade with a cadence of 90 rpm while I’m in the 53 chainring and 19 cassette cog. At that speed and cadence I should be in the 53 -12.

This problem is consistent throughout all speeds. My watts / kg seem to match my speed and people I ride the same speed as have the same watts / kg.

Has anyone experienced this?

Speed in Zwift is determined by power & terrain not cadence.

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The Kickr doesn’t measure cadence. It makes an educated guess, which is usually pretty good, but not equally good for all riders. To measure pedal strokes accurately you could use a cadence sensor on the crank arm.