Gear Shift Indicator to simulate hills - for trainers without resistance control

(David Cuyco) #1

It would be great if you can provide in the zwift video game display a gear shift indicator for the rider to shift to in order to provide a simulated resistance on the trainer when going up hills in realtime. Given that the rider provides chainring sizes and cassete gearing numbers along with wheel size and rider weight.

For example, as the rider is on flat terrain the gear shift indicator would indicate an easy “gearing” with bottom chainring on the 5th cassette gear giving little resistance. Then once the rider hits a hill the gear shift indicator will tell the rider to go to the big chainring and go to the 2nd cassette gear (assuming 10th gear being the largest cassette gear and 1st gear being the smallest.


(malcolm may (WCC) C) #2

Forgive me but I don’t understand this. I don’t have a resistance trainer, but when I get to a hill my speed goes down, due to the zpower calculations, and I have to speed up to regain momentum. Its a requirement of cyclists to change gears when you accelerate. Isn’t it?

(Chris FIGHTMS WBR C) #3

I concur.

(Maurizio Gigliotti) #4

+1 in the zwift , but for now i create my program for this.