Gear Selection

Where in Zwift do you choose your gear combination? I’m using a Kickr Bike.

Thanks in advance.


Virtual gear setup/configuration is all done within the Wahoo App. Once it’s all setup you pair the Kickr Bike as power/cadence/controllable within Zwift.


So I’m the Wahoo App I’ve chosen Shimano 12 Sp w/full syncro. Can I view my current gear combination in Zwift?

Nope. You’ll need to look down at the display on the Kickr BIKE on the right of the top tube.

It’s something that has been requested a lot - More Smart Bike integration within Zwift. The only gearing information shown in Zwift I’m aware of is the WattBike ATOM will show gear changes when using Bluetooth. Nothing for the KickrBike, Neo Bike, Stages SB20.

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