GCN Workout Mission

Was said in description: “Simply complete any GCN workout from any plan to be entered to win”
-Tom Last’s GCN Sprint Plan
-Dan Lloyd’s GCN Flat Out Fast Plan
-Matt Stephens’ GCN Power Climbs Plan
-Simon Richardson’s GCN Race Prep Plan

Got zwift email after 1st workout done saying: “You powered through your first GCN Workout … Don’t stop now. Time tackle the next workout in your GCN training plan.”
I’ve done 3 GCN plan workouts so far, but got no email for that 2nd and 3rd.

Do we’ve to do 4 workouts? One of each plan? Or am I done for entering mission?

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Each person can only have one entry into the contest regardless of how many GCN workout are done.