GCN festival workout issue, 70min or not?

Hi participate to a GCN festival workout today, but it never stop at 70min. I continue until 1h30 in case it was a typo mistake for a 90min workout… I decide to quite because it not stopping at 1h30.
The issue was only during the ride of 28 april 10h (canadian time)?
I’m confuse, it was more a social ride than a trainning and it was not the time indicate… need correction for the following event!

The workout should have completed after 69 minutes. I’ve just checked the config for another event and it is showing correctly.

Did you not have any intervals during the ride at all, just like a social ride?

Hi James
The workout was without intervals, it was like a social ride.
I quit after 1h31, as can demonstrate the picture I toke of the event in my account. I didn’t have the jersey of the event too.
I ask to other rider if I read correctly the 70min, and others answer yes it supposed to be 70min, but don’t closed at that time. We were 10 riders when I left.