GC App WIP - Current League Standings & Live Race details

General idea to show current league standings with those in your current live race.

Note: Taken a stock Zwift background, but my app is shown in bottom left

The basic premise is that the logged on rider can see other riders in their race who are also in their league. This is to add an extra bit of spice to league racing as turns a stranger into a live opponent

So in this example Aaron can see that whilst there are many riders in the race (strangers), Richard and Bob are close to him in the standings (now not strangers, but live opponents). Richard is just 3 seconds from him in the standing.
In this live race, Aaron can now easily see Richard is 37 seconds behind him, so is going to pull away from Richard.

Imagine if Aaron saw that Richard was 4 seconds down the road. Aaron knows he need to catch Richard to prevent Richard from overtaking him in the standings.

Just posting to see if there is any general interest in this app being made public once I have it fully working, or any constructive comments.

I basically enjoyed the Zwift monthly races, but they just felt like “one off races”. I wanted to join a large group to race with so that it was the “same faces” each week and could have competition, banter, rivalry.

But then thought about this app - who am I TRULY racing against?