Gav S

(. Gav S - ZSUNR) #1

I subscribed via Paypal and am a Strava Premium member, will the Paypal payments be delayed for two months to reflect the two free months as a result of being a Strava Premium member?

(Scott) #2

Exactly. You’ll activate your two Free Strava Premium bonus months by riding through the first 50KM Free Trial. The free months will be applied towards your membership and your PayPal account will not be charged. 

(. Gav S - ZSUNR) #3

excellent, thanks Scott

(Martin Keable (KCC)) #4

That’s not what happened for me. In fact, once I put my Paypal details through I got charged twice ( 2 x £8 payments were taken out). I am a Strava premium member. 

(Scott) #5

Hi Martin - sorry about that! Our support ninjas have got your ticket and we’ll get it resolved ASAP.

Sometimes it takes awhile for your Strava Premium status to be reflected in Zwift. Simply disconnect and reconnect your Strava account to update your status immediately.