Gathering area for riders looking for a group

It is time for my ride today and I wish I had someone to ride with. I would like to be able to make my presence known to others that may be looking for partners and are logging into Zwift.

For me, if I could simply list my watt goal (~180) and or age (75) and watch for someone else with similar wants to observe and respond. I would guess with as many riders that are riding at one time that it  would not take very long for others wanting someone to ride with to notice and join. Then after a few minutes warming up hopefully a few folks could ride off together.

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I think a “lobby” might be a good idea, much like they have in Guild Wars or other similar MMOs.

yes please.  Sometimes I plan to do a scheduled ride after work but am running late and miss the ride.  It would be great to have an ad-hoc group gathering site.


Nice, thinking out of the box.