Garmin vector 3S only give half of the power

(Davy De Nutte) #1


I ride with a kettler racer RS.

This was not possible after having contacted you to drive with zwift.

You advised me to buy Garmin vector pedals.

Now I bought the Garmin vector 3S pedals and I only get half of the power.

Is here a solution now!!!

(Grant Los C) #2

I too, am interested in this.

(Grant Los C) #3

Davy, try typing the following in the “How can we help?” search area at the top of the Zwift page…

Garmin Vector 3 Zwift iOS connection problem

it was quite helpful for me.

(Nathaniel Hutchinson) #4

I have Vector 3 Pedals (dual sensors) and also get similar issue especially when warming up or at lower wattage.

Power drops to half.  After pedaling for a bit (sometimes can take 2-5mins) it will eventually pop back up to full power.  But i still get drop-downs to 50% power while riding sporadically for a few seconds.

Recently I’m also getting power spikes to 2,000+ watts when i step onto the bike.  It’s unlocked a ton of zwift things inadvertently but super annoying as when i got back to look at all my graphs, they’re scaled up to 2,000 Watts and the rest of the logs are small. 

It’s also not a Zwift issue.  I logged the same workout on my Garmin Fenix 5s and was getting the same 50% drop as i saw in Zwift.  So the data coming out of the peodals is wrong.

outside of this issue though, i really love the pedals so I hope that the issue either subsides on it’s own or enough of us come out and Garmin can look into core issue.  When they’re working well, they power is almost right on top of my Kurt Kinetic In-Ride Power Meter.

(Rick Closson GPC) #5

Same problem Nathaniel. New Vector 3S. Clipped in, got 500 600 700 watt awards. Then speed much slower. Added 6 seconds to sprint Didn’t even finish loop in allotted time. Took 5 extra minutes. Hope someone has a fix. Pedals have current firmware. Nice using look keos cleats that I have on other bikes.