Garmin Vector 2 not found on iPad

I use Garmin Vector 2 on Zwift. On the computer (with a dongle) everything works fine. Zwift finds heart rate, power, cadance, everything.
But recently I changed my bike to a room where I don’t have computer so I use my iPad and now Zwift can’t find any Vector reading, nor heart rate from band. It does find the Wahoo Kickr as power supply.

Do i need a dongle or something for the iPad as well to get connection with the Vectors and heart rate band?

Thanks for info.

Looking at the Garmin website it seem like the vector 2 is ANT+ only.

And the Ipad is Bluetooth only, and you can’t add a dongle.

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ok, thanks for the reply!

You can use NPE CABLE to bridge the ANT+ to BLE.

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Hi Paul, reading on the website that seems to be a solution. Just ordered the cable… Looking forward to it! Thanks

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Thanks Paul, I could not think of what you call the bridge. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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