Garmin tri data only showing at intervals on zwift

Every time I bike on the game, it doesn’t show consistent HRM from my garmin Tri strap. It goes in intervals. It will show my true heart rate and then drop to zero over and over every few minutes. I’m connected with an ANT+ dongle on my laptop running windows 10. I wasn’t able to get a solid answer whe. Looking at other threads.

Is there a way to adjust to have it measure constantly?

Hello, I’ve been experiencing the same issue with my Garmin HRM Dual but via Bluetooth dongle on my Windows 10 laptop. Unfortunately as you, I wasn’t able to find an answer in the forum. It works perfectly fine with MyETraining and no dropouts are observed, so i guess there is nothing wrong with the strap (mine is virtually new, I got it a week ago). So I decided to have a look in Zwift Log Files and I found the following line appearing aproxx. every once in a while - *Unhandled characteristic HRM-Dual:644473 for "0x2a19". Maybe it could point any Zwift support member to the issue…`

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