Garmin Speed Sensor 2 does not function

I can connect the Sensor to Zwift but I can not see my speed and my avatar does not move. Has anyone some advice for me ?

Welcome to the Forums, Kate.

Could you give us more information about your set-up? It will help us a great deal to advise you and get you rolling in Zwift.
Here’s a good guide:

The second section is of importance: what your zwifting equipment is, what’s connected to what, etc.
It can also be helpful to post a screenshot of your pairing screen in Zwift, if you have the possibility of doing so. (New posters in the Forums seem to have to wait a while before being able to post links/images.)

Just as a stab in the dark to help you get your avatar moving in Zwift ASAP, has the Garmin SS2 been paired to another device before Zwift, like a bike computer or phone. Switch those devices off or unpair the sensor on them and try again.

Edit: if you’re on a non-smart trainer and using only a speed sensor, this video is a step-by-step guide. Should be useful, even if it’s a few years old and the Zwift interface might be a little different:

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