Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor detected as pioneer speed/cadence sensor

(N Tan Castelli coffee ride (C)) #1

I filed a ticket with this issue and zwift support is now working on it

However I just thought of posting it here as there might be some who encountered the same issue.

This occurred after the software update. My garmin speed and cadence sensor was detected as a Pioneer brand. Zwift picks up the speed and cadence but im not sure if the numbers are accurate.

There is a 2-3 second lag  while pedaling. Meaning, when I start pedalling… I can only see my speed on zwift after 2 seconds…


(The Penski) #2

Also, my Wahoo Blue SC is being detected as some other one, Beur or something.

Everything still works fine. Noticed the change about 2 weeks ago but tbh I’ve not Zwifted much lately in order for that time reference to help.

(Tom B) #3

I noticed mine was called something odd the other day too, didn’t experience the delays you mention though so didn’t think any more of it.