Garmin sensors not connecting to iPad Pro

I have a Garmin 530 bundle, use the HRM, cadence and speed sensor, until around a week or so ago was able to link the sensors to my iPad Pro and use my iPhone XS Max for the companion app, I changed my phone to an iPhone 12 Pro Max and for some reason I cannot link the sensors to the iPad and have to use Zwift on my phone with my iPad for the companion. Ideally I want it back to view Zwift on the iPad Pro as its much bigger and easier to view.

I remember when I set it up there was a sequence and way of making it work, I think I must not have replicated it with the new phone - but can’t remember how to rectify.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Probably will have to turn off Bluetooth on your phone then pair your sensors. I don’t think they will pair with other at the same time