Garmin HRM no signal

My Bluetooth Garmin HRM has been working fine with Zwift for weeks but now connects with my iPad only to immediately inform me “no signal” and failing to produce heart rate readings.

Any ideas why?

You might need to wet the pads and your chest in order for it to register. Skin gets dry in the winter and makes it difficult for the HRM to work correctly.

I wish that was the case but it connects perfectly well with my Edge 130 via ANT+

Have you tried a new battery?

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Hi @Blake_Edwards welcome to the Zwift forums
Is the HRM also paired simultaneously to the Edge 130? If you are, what happens if you power down the Edge?

You might also try force-quitting the Zwift (and Companion) apps on your iOS and TVOS devices after each use. I have found that this solves the ‘no signal’ issue, though I truly don’t understand why.

It appears that there are no issues with my HRM as it works perfectly with everything but my iPad.

Bluetooth devices can only create a 1:1 connection, so this leads to me to ask:

Is the HRM connected directly to the iPad like you’d connect bluetooth earpods? If you got to Settings > Bluetooth, is that device stored there? If so, have the iPad “forget this device” by clicking on the lower case letter i.

The HRM should connect to the Zwift app, rather than the iPad. If the iPad has the HRM stored, it’ll connect automatically and the Bluetooth signal will no longer be open for any of the applications running on the iPad.

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