Garmin HRM no signal [SOLVED]

Same problem here. Garmin HRM Had worked flawlessly with Apple TV until this week — last 2 rides.

Try force quitting the Zwift ATV app each time you are done with your ride. Seems to work for me.

And another here . Thought it had resolved itself but during tonight ride HRM signal dropped a few times but fortunately reconnected. I’m wondering if it’s an Apple TV issue because it seems to be ok when I used an iPad

Yet another. Spanking new Garmin Dual HRM which connects nicely to other devices, incl. Zwift on my Pixel, as well as apps (TR…) on the computer I intended to use as my Zwift PC. Was about to enter my first race. On 7 day Trial. Won’t be a paying member for sure if this can’t be dealt with.

One more : no signal today with HRM Dual, firmeware 2.30. And it works fine yesterday.

Also having issues with the iphone XS. Works OK with iPad and used to work fine with iphone, but it also does not work with wahoo app on the iphone either. Turned off the Garmin watch just in case but that was always connected even when it worked. If I used my phone I have to record session on watch and zwift app, download and combine both tcx files and reload them on platforms (garmin and Strava)…all a bit of a ball ache!

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Yep same here. Dual hrm has been working perfectly. Updated zwift before tide tonight, hrm connects but no signal. Really annoying. Please advise.

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Recently purchased new Garmin HRM dual. Last few days post Zwift update, HRM is connecting but showing “no signal” in app. Been functioning fine until this week. Changed battery, unpaired every Bluetooth device I could to no avail. Everything else works fine but my new HRM. Seriously annoying.

Same here, Realy annoying. I even asked a repair shop to look at my HRM Garmin because it gave no Signal, costed 7,50 euro, and now i see this Topic :(. My HRM is not very old so probaly totaly not needed a new battery and a check up.

Working with Ipone XR, it does not work

I See this is open since january 16. why does noone from Zwift answer here how and when they gonna solve the problem?

What model HRM is it? If it’s one of Garmin’s models that broadcasts in ANT+ only, your iPhone will not see it. iOS devices only support Bluetooth.

If it’s a dual model that broadcasts in Bluetooth as well as ANT, you should be aware that Bluetooth devices create one to one connections. Meaning: if the HRM is already paired to the bike computer on your handlebars, then it’s not visible to the Zwift app.Please make sure than any other competing Bluetooth device is not stealing the HRM signal. This includes the iphone’s operating system, and the Garmin Connect app if you have that installed.

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good day mr shooj, i tried what you recomended, but to no avail, still connected but no signal. i even uninstalled and reinstalled the zwift apps, same thing, everythings doing good before the latest update, this problem started yesterday and i was forced to ride without a HRM, hope you can find a solution

Hey Shooj, how are you? I have a problem and whated to see if you can help me out. use Zwift with a wahoo and the HRM Dual Garmin I use it with iPhone 7plus. Everythig was going well unti two days ago. I did all the upgrades, I disconeccted all the other divises. And the HRM Dual still not working. I have an event on Saturday . And will lilke to have it working. Thank you

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i barrowed my wife samsung S10, downloaded zwift and tried,if it will read my HRM, ITS WORKING ON AN ANDROID phone

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I have the HRM Garmin dual and use with iPhone and also saying no signal. Tried all the advice offered to no avail. Any more ideas? Very frustrating

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I’ve had the same issue for a week using a new Garmin dual HRM. For two weeks no problem connecting to my iPhone XR, then last week ‘no signal’. I’ve just disconnected the HRM with the iPhone via Bluetooth settings and now works perfectly!!

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How do you reconnect the HRM via bluetooth settings? Because at my Iphone XR there is no (i) figure behind the connection with the HRM. But it says connected.

Thanks in forward

Same again here. I’ve tried everything but connected and no signal! I’ve impaired, repaired, tried everything but no result. Zwift/Garmin please fix this issue!!

I didn’t connect the HRM via the phone settings. I opened zwift and let the app find the HRM

But i ask you to clear this part.

I’ve just disconnected the HRM with the iPhone via Bluetooth settings and now works perfectly!!

If zwift can’t fix the garmin dual issue, can you suggest/ recommend a HRM that will work with zwift? any answer would be better than none.

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