Garmin HR works then drops to 0


I’m having trouble when broadcasting my heart rate consistently.
When I start my spin, I broadcast my heart rate from my Garmin Vivosmart 5 to my iPhone 11 (connected via Bluetooth consistently always). For the first few minutes everything works fine.

Then my heart rate drops to 0 on the Zwift dashboard. I check my Garmin and it is still broadcasting as normal (and no, the value is not 0 :smile: ).
I try to stop and restart broadcasting with no luck.
The Vivosmart 5is still connected to Zwift but the readings are 0bpm.

I am also using an Elite suito trainer and Garmin Cadence sensor. I experience no dropout on my power or cadence readings.

Has anyone else experienced and resolved this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Since you have an Elite trainer, I think you can pair the HRM directly to the trainer and have it bridge the signal to Zwift. This might be a workaround. You may need to update the trainer firmware to do this, depending on how old the firmware is.

Thanks Paul, I’ll give that a try