Garmin disabled Zwift Rides -> Badges

Are you able to duplicate using the Fenix and Zwift updates, get the badge for the Fenix data then delete the duplicated exercise, keeping the Zift update while retaining the badge?

To be clear. Delete the Fenix recorded instance, keep Zwift connecting with Connect, and still keep the badge.

Update: No you’re not. If you delete the Garmin recorded session, your badges disappear as well.

So more evidence, that Garmin/Tacx hardware is benchmark stuff, Garmin Connect/Software is quite frankly diabolical.

Cross platform development with PARTNERS such as Zwift should be the focus, not corporate hackery at the behest of their consumers. Most of whom know how to get around such idoicy anyway.

Moves like this, just create bad feeling and work for users. Get a decent bunch of devs in Garmin!

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Has this stopped working for anyone else. It worked for a while now rides i upload via the fittool dont count on my training status. Upload via zwift and it does but not for badges. Very annoying.

Hm. It’s working for me. I did my last upload yesterday (set the target to “Garmin Edge 1000plus” with fitfiletools) and it added kilometers to the actual “200km” challenge at Garmin Connect.
What exactly do you mean regarding “training status”? In fact: my rides did never appear within the “training status” (“productive / recovery…”) within Garmin Connect on iOS. Only my runs do (which I do outside using a real Garmin gadget :-)). But they have ever been added to the challenges/badges.

What device did you set at fitfiletools? Maybe it has something to do with the chosen device.
I’m using “Edge” devices for my rides and “Fenix” for my runnin activities.

[Edit]: I just mentioned that the manually uploaded ride created a VO2Max entry. That’s something new und must have been added by Garmin within the last days or week. No Zwift ride (neither automatically nor manually uploaded) was recognized for VO2Max within the past.
Conclusion: my last ride was counted for badges/challanges and was recognized for VO2max analysis. Like :slight_smile:

Seems to be working again today. Always use Edge 830.
There was a recent update with gamrin and zwift that allows training status just need to record a couple of rides a week for a couple of weeks.

Does this method still work? (5th July 2022)

I’ve just tried it and found that Garmin does show ‘Uploaded by Garmin’ instead of ‘Uploaded by Zwift’ but the mileage has not counted towards my 100km cycling challenge. One inconsistency might be that the device selection on fitfiletools doesn’t list the fenix 7 so I picked fenix 6 which is not a device on my Garmin account.

Yes, it’s still working. Tested it with a ride I did this afternoon.

  1. I’ve chosen a Garmin device I didn’t own and which is not registered at Garmin Connect - the kilometers were added to the corresponding challenges
  2. I’ve chosen a device I own and uploaded that file: works
  3. I’ve uploaded the unmodified file from Zwift - worked, but didn’t count for any challenge (as expected)

Try choosing a Edge device instead of the Fenix 6. From my point of view the Fenix 6 should work, too - but I never tested that.

I couldn’t agree more. It sounds like a BS answer from Garmin indeed. And it is such a pity that the Zwift rides don’t count towards the goalbadges of the Garmin Connect App…


Yeah, I noticed this when I got my Forerunner. It is annoying, but what I do is just track my HR on my watch as “Indoor Cycling”. Then, in Connect, I “Edit the activity” and update the distance from the Zwift provided file and that seems to work. It is annoying because it is one more thing I have to remember to start when I ride, but it is what it is.

I checked today and it still works. Uploaded a file from Zwift. I tried the Garmin Phoenix 7x and Mark Gen2 Aviator devices - after loading into Garmin Connect, it just says that it was loaded through a Garmin device, but which one is not indicated. The main thing is that achievements are now taken into account.