Garmin DHR Monitor - No Signal

I am running Zwift on a PC with Windows 10. The Garmin DHR Monitor worked well for a long time until one day when it stopped working. Nothing was changed prior to this event. I have deleted Zwift and reinstalled. I have downloaded the lates version of Zwift Companion. The Garmin DHR Monitor is not connected to any other device. I have tried with and without using the Zwift Companion in parallel. I have changed the battery in the Garmin SHR Monitor. I have restared the PC and everything that can be restared and updated. None of the other proposed solutions on other threads provides a solution.

What next?

Change the battery. Honest, had to do it on mine after a year of regular Zwifting. I think the battery level can be checked through the Garmin connect app (if it has enough battery juice to connect).

I checked the battery status for the Garmin HRM-Dual via the Garmin Edge 1030 and the battery is confirmed to be OK. The Garmin HRM-Dual work as normal with the Garmin Edge 1030.

Hence, it does not appear to be necessary to replace the battery. Let me know your thoughts.

The “No Signal” problem with the Garmin HRM-Dual seems to relate to the bluetooth with the PC. I bought a new PC and installed Zwift. Everything worked find, ioncluding the pulse. However, after approx. 25 minutes the Zwift program freezed and I had to force Zwift to close. I restared Zwift and restared the ride. Same happened after approx. 25 minutes. Zwift program (avatar and picture) freezed. I gave up.

The new Computer has an Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB RAM and a massive HD. The Computer runs Windows 11. Is Zwift compatible with Windows 11?

I found the solution for the “No Signal” on the computer that is running on Windows 10. The Garmin HRM-Dual appeared as a divice on the computer (Control Panel / Devices and Printers). I deleted the HRM-Dual device from the computer and started Zwift. The puls now appears. The problem was likely caused by the double bluetooth connection, i.e. being connected to the computer and to Zwift.

I do not understand why Zwift stopped when it was used on the computer that runs on Windows 11. Perhaps it was a temporary loss of wifi (did not notice) or just a random error. I shall try again later, but for the time being i am happy that everything is OK when using the other computer.