Garmin Connect

(Jason Drury) #1


I just started using Zwift and love it! Are there any plans to offer auto upload to Garmin Connect? I see there are similar post asking this but the last one was 4 months ago so I’m hoping there is an update.




(K.C. Race3R) #2

I am guessing that Team Zwift does not want to cede any power to Garmin? So hopefully in addition to the autouploads to Strava, we will soon get auto uploads to Training Peaks and more soon?

(... david (aka "setuid")) #3

Can you not download the data from Strava and import it into Garmin Connect?

Or use Golden Cheetah to manage some of that for you? 

(Frank Goehner) #4

Yup, you download from Strava and upload to Garmin.  I do it all the time.



(Stephen Zepeda) #5

Are you loading to Training Peaks too ?

(Frank Goehner) #6

Just garmin,  but I’m sure you can import the file into training peaks.  Try it, see what happens

(John Murphy) #7

I’d much prefer auto-uploading to Garmin Connect without the work around and to include the cycling dynamics data.

You don’t get cycling dynamics data when exporting from Strava.



(Jason Drury) #8

Right now I find the best way is to download the .fit file from Zwift and upload it to Garmin Connect. All of the data is provided. Although auto upload would be ideal. I would even be willing to pay for this feature (if it was a reasonable cost).

(... david (aka "setuid")) #9

Golden Cheetah will do what you need… it can upload to multiple services at once, when you import your data from Zwift into it. I have no affiliation with Golden Cheetah at all, I’m just a happy user of it.

Also, once you get your data into Strava, you can use Veloviewer to do some amazing analytics of the data. Attached are some samples of a recent Zwift ride of my own.


(Jason Drury) #10

Thanks setuid! Love the name, BTW :slight_smile:

(Marc Steingrand) #11

hmm, I think i do something wrong.

 I save the fit file, and then upolad it it GC manualy, when i do tis it looks that I am loosing the elevetion data

 from GC it send the info automaticly to Training peaks and Strava…


is there an other way to do it?

(Matthew #HurtLocker) #12

just grab the fit files from the zwift folder on your computer

(Neil Riding) #13

I’d like the ability to upload to Garmin Connect automatically, just like Strava integration.

(Michael Henasey) #14

do you have to manually import .FIT file from Zwift into Golden Cheetah?

(... david (aka "setuid")) #15

You can, just connect your Zwift profile to Strava, and have it sync your data straight to Garmin Connect (when they come back online) and then if you want, push those activities over to TrainingPeaks. Here’s how:

(Michael Henasey) #16

thanks setuid

(Mikael Jonsson) #17

Any response from Zwift about this, I very much like to be able to autoupload to GC as well to Strava.

(... david (aka "setuid")) #18

This has been possible for awhile now, without having to go the tapiriik route.

Follow these instructions:


(K.C. Race3R) #19

Sorry if I am being dense, but do those linkages thru Garmin Connect solve our current issue that when we ride on Zwift that we cannot automatically upload to Training Peaks?  We can get it to Strava, but not to Garmin Connect or Training Peaks, right?   I have had Tapiriik auto_upload a couple of times, but it seems to work randomly and with a delay.   I have posted about that auto-upload mystery a few times on Facebook Zwift Riders. I would love an auto_upload from Zwift to TP. I currently record on Garmin 1000 as well to get my data to TP without having to move .fit files around.  THANKS.   

(Jonathan Smith (USMES)) #20

Zwift report to Stava will not match speed and distance of Garmin 1000 to GC / TP either…  Been trying to figure out which I should be tracking this off season.