Garmin Bike Indoor & Zwift

The Zwift virtual cycling platform cannot connect/pair with my Forerunner 945 via ANT+ or bluetooth, but the virtual running yes! I already updated the Zwift app, my Garmin, the computer (windows), connected and disconnected several times the ANT+, but no changes or improvements. Help please!

it looks like you are connecting the Wahoo Kickr trainer via ANT+, but you need to choose the FE-C connection for all 3 connections power, cadence and controllable.


Thanks :ok_hand:

Is this because the Zwift app can just join 1 ANT+ connection? Like Kickr bike or Garmin?

Related to the Kickr bike and Zwift app, I was unsure which system to choose. I get 2 ANT+ options to pair power and cadence (ANT PWR, ANT FE-C) and just one option to pair the option Controllable (ANT FE-C). So, is it better to joint all FE-C?

no, I believe ANT+ can connect to multiple devices at once. Bluetooth on the other hand can only connect to one device at a time.

Yes, they should all be FE-C

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Thanks so much for the info and suggestion!:ok_hand: