Garmin 910xt - Change from GPS to speedsensor

I’m using a Garmin Forerunnter 910 xt with an old GSC 10 Speed- and Candence Sensor. The pairing with Zwift went well. Because of my not listet Tacx Santori Trainer (not smart) I’m using a not listet trainer.

The problem is, that the avator on Zwift isn’t moving. I’m able to see the heartrate and candance, but I’m still standing on the side of the road.

Do I need to change some settings inside my 910xt - maybe from GPS to speedsensor. I tried to find it but I couldn’t find it.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance


The Garmin is not needed and will not assist you in getting Zwift up and running at all.

You need to make sure you are pairing the Speed Sensor as well and select the appropriate wheel size.

Ignore the 910 for setting up Zwift.

Speed and Candence Sensor are one device, as far as I know. And Zwift also asked me for the wheel size.

Can you post a screenshot of your pairing screen.