Garmin 100 to Zwift????

When will Zwift make it possible to connect without having to by more equipment?

They need to get up to speed for the price we pay to belong to Zwift. All great equipment and current.

how about Zwift?

More info is needed.

What devices are you having issues connecting to Zwift?

It looks like you are trying to connect a Garmin 1000 to link a Hammer to Zwift and that is not the way it works.

You can use the Zwift Mobile Link on a phone or a tablet to bridge the BLE connection to your PC over Wifi or if you know someone who purchased a Garmin Watch a few years ago they should have an ANT+ dongle that you could use or you could purchase your own ANT+ dongle.

Are you trying to use Zwift on a PC, Mac, iOS or AppleTV?

On an IPad, but I do have the Apple Watch, although it is a first generation.

From what I am finding the Hammer is duel band (ANT+ and BLE).

So you are trying to connect the Hammer to the iPad, that should work just fine. Make sure that the Hammer is not connect to any other device or app (this includes the iPad itself) because Bluetooth can only connect to on device at a time.

The Garmin 1000 will not link to Zwift at all, but you can connect the trainer to it over ANT+ at the same time you connect the trainer to Zwift over BLE on the iPad.


Thanks I will try that…very much

No problem, and Ride On!