Garage option

I would like to build a bike, name it and have it saved as a build. I.e hill climber, flats etc. that way when I am doing a climb ride I just grab that bike and the frame and wheel set up are already together. If I’m planning a flat route it’s a different frame and wheel set.

Before this gets my vote;
Do you mean setting up predefined combinations of frame+wheel each for their specific target and save those accordingly. Such that you can choose between those sets ans not having to choose them individually?

If so , than I support this.
Because I’m not really sure what you mean with “building” a bike.
As in deciding your own stats, then no for me.
That’s agains the whole idea of earning your upgrades.


Yep that is exact what I mean. I have a number of frames and wheel sets in my garage. I would like to keep my hill climbing bike as a set up I just grab for a hill session. I would like to grab my aero setup for a flat ride etc.

You still have to earn/buy your components but once you build a bike it’s set for future use.