Game Update v1.44 [July 2023]

I thought 1.44 fixed the Play Controller dropouts and also being pinned to one side if the road. But that issue is back in 1.44.2. Right controller seems ok but left controller repeatedly drops and reconnects and my rider is pinned to the left side of the road

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Did you update your Play controllers to 1.1.1 firmware? I realized that I had mines still with 1.1.0 just last week so I did the upgrade to 1.1.1 firmware.

Some additional information on this bug which I have noticed after today’s ride.

There are two ways to post a message in the start pens using Zwift on iOS (not counting using the Companion App).

  1. Tap on the box under the messages where it says “Message the group…”

  2. Use the action bar and select the post a text message icon.

If I post a message using method 1 the onscreen keyboard has the automatically closing after 5 seconds bug.

If I post a message using method 2 the onscreen keyboard does not automatically close and this method appears to be bug free (mostly, see below about the appearance).

Method 1 and method 2 also display the onscreen keyboard and message box differently. Method 1 is perhaps how I expect it to be while method 2 has a large black area running horizontally above the keyboard. This is rather unsightly but it does appear to show that Zwift is using two separate functions, one for each method, for text input.

Black moon in 1.44.2.

I noticed it too, only in Watopia. It’s fine in Makuri.

yeah, that has been that way for a while, the dark bit of the moon is darker than the sky. so i guess if all of it is dark it would just look like a black circle

Yes, I experienced exactly the same yesterday in Watopia and was going to report it. You beat me to it.

I did a RP ride today and didn’t touch the coffee break once. I know there’s an ongoing bug about it being greyed out on ZC for the first half hour, but mine continued for longer. Is that consistent with others?

When can we expect to see the selected gear displayed in Workouts during Free Ride blocks for other Smart Bikes?

If you have no others riders close to you, coffee stop will be grayed out.

There were plenty around me at the time (appreciate the image is not detailed enough)

Re: Wattbike, and showing gear numbers in Free Ride sections.

I tried this morning - Zwift didn’t release Erg mode when I got to the free ride section of the workout.

Zwift on ATV current version, Wattbike on current firmware.

Any ideas?