Game Update v 1.66 [May 2024]

Hi @evan-zwift,

When I logon to zwift I see this:

After a few seconds it connects to my kickr bike shift and the box turns blue:

In the previous version I saw the heart rate and steering boxes etc, now only the two as in the screenshot above.

However if I go to the pairing screen from the home screen it’s fine:

I’m using android 12.


I think Zwift could add lots of little things for riders to do, including wheelie, post up, and bunny hop. Waving is pretty lame as such things go.

@nblackburn Thanks for the additional information, that’s very helpful. I’ll report this back to the team and we’ll dig into it.

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You can do it already at the top of Alpe du Zwift. :wink:

I haven’t been on Alpe du Zwift in a while. I don’t remember ever seeing anything about doing a wheelie up there. In any case, I want to be able to wheelie, post up, or bunny hop, at any time and place in Zwift. Now that I’ve been thinking about it a little more, I would also like the ability to ride in the superman position and ride no-hands.

I think no-hands replaced the wave animation for April fools once, so that would be easy enough to implement.
And I’d love it if they replaced the supertuck with superman. Maybe triggered by a higher speed or steeper descent as a fun little easter egg

Special trick, do your ADZ lap - cross through the finish line and go around the loop. Now before you reach the finish line banner again (to go downhill) slow to a stop, drop to the smallest gearing on your bike (small chain ring, lowest gear at the back) and very slowly creep forward until you get to the finish line banner.

As you go under the arch, you want to stop when the bike starts to go in the air! :wink:

It’s a bug in Zwift because there is an invisible 26% gradient there, and that’s what gives your wheelie. Enjoy!

I was going to ask if the 250XP probability has been changed and I saw your post. I’d say something has definitely been tweaked or as you say, it’s a bug. Also done a few robopacer rides recently and haven’t received any 250XP, 10XP seems to be about the same probability.

At university a professor pointed out the differences between „Wahrscheinlichkeit“ und „Häufigkeit“.
The gist of it: the distribution of events will ultimately converge to something representing the probability of events. But small sample sizes can show significant deviations from what you would expect based on probabilities.
Today I did three climbs in the climb portal and received three times the 250xp bonus, 18 times the 10xp bonus and nine feathers.

Hey Guys you know that 1.67 is out right ?

I’m well aware of that, I’m not asking because I didn’t receive 250XP on a single ride, it’s an observation over several weeks.
It would be nice to know what the algorithm is or at least understand if it has been changed e.g. I’m leveling up every 1-2 weeks, does this mean my probability gets reduced?
But I also understand the probability of us finding out is very low!

Yes it has almost certainly changed - it did so around the 1.56 release (I did post about it).

Rather than the usual 2-3 250XP per lap it then went to usually 0 per lap and maybe 1 time in 3-4 laps if you were lucky. The change was probably to prevent XP farming.

Nobody wants to say anything but you could try using a bot offline to check this without having to ride the climbs yourself.

I don’t ride those portal climbs anymore, they are boring.

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The only change was it went down from 20% to 10%. Im still getting the 10% chance for 250 XP.

Where did you see that info? I must have missed it.

Not that it matters as I ignore the portal climbs.

There was an article about it on ZwiftInsider.

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