Game Update v 1.45 [August 2023]

Further to my earlier post about not being retroactively granted a Climb Portal achievement after installing 1.45 and reading this thread since, I now suspect there’s a problem too. I did my first Climb Portal ride a few days ago and my experience mirrored Stephan’s.

I selected the ‘Climb Portal - Volcano + Col de Platzerwasel’ route in Watopia, and followed the defined route in its entirety. Once I was on the climb there was no Timer & ETA in the HUD, and when I reached the summit I didn’t get a ‘climb complete’ smash screen with my time stats. I noticed too that my ride never appeared in the Live Results table! It was s if I’d not ridden the climb…

Wondering if you had to ride the whole route, I continued riding, descending and passing through the portal back into Watopia. At this moment the ‘Climb Portal’ route progress bar appeared in the HUD (showing several km to go to reach the chequered flag) and it was approx 1.5 laps of the Volcano Circuit CCW until I completed the route at the Volcano banner. But there was no ‘Route Complete’ splash screen, the route simply vanished from the HUD. I then ended the ride totally puzzled about what constituted completing a Portal climb?

And after installing 1.45 I have not been retroactively granted the Climb Portal acheivement, which of course is disappointing. So it would appear as though my effort and achievement doesn’t ‘exist’. It makes me reluctant to ride a Portal effort again in case the same ‘you haven’t ridden it’ error repeats.

Please see the attached pics.Note: the summit screenshot was (fortunately) manually taken by me, Zwift didn’t automatically take a shot as you’d normally expect it to.

I’m hopeful this can be rectified for ‘error’ Climb Portal rides?

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